Motivation Blueprint

Discover Your Personal Drivers & Drainers

Motivation is, on psychological terms, that which is causal in terms of behavior. It is the reason or reasons behind your actions.  Motivation can be based on a base need (e.g., hunger is the motivation for eating) or based on a higher desire (I wanted to feel better, so I started eating better).  Motivation can also be rooted in a higher concept (e.g., I behave a certain way because I hold a certain belief) like a particular view of right and wrong.

Motivation is governed primarily by reward. A reward being a positive acknowledgment or pay off for a given behavior or behavior set.  Rewards themselves can be either intrinsic or extrinsic.  An intrinsic reward can be as simple as self-satisfaction or a feeling of accomplishment.  An extrinsic reward can be anything from food to money to love. 

In the final analysis, motivation is a deep well that needs to be explored. This video course takes an interesting look at the things that drive us and the things that drain us. The course creator, Daryl Daughtry, has solicited the help of several on-camera presenters to voice the insights he has composed. In the bonus section, you will find an ebook that takes you on a 21-step motivation challenge as well as an ebook on things that rob us of our motivation.

Daryl Daughtry is an international coaching alliance and academy president, coach, trainer, author, speaker, podcaster, and is the publisher of Personal Growth Magazine...




Motivation Blueprint Course
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